Princeton, NJ

by Danny Hasbun

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Recorded 4/16/17 - 4/28/17.

This album is composed of songs that reflect on the last year or so, particularly the thoughts and feelings that accompanied my move to Princeton last September.

Special thanks to Nathan Stenberg for his conversation and his generosity in lending me his bass and headphones, and to my neighbors for enduring all the noise that leaked through these thin walls.


released April 29, 2017

All songs written and performed by Danny Hasbun

Cover art by Danny Hasbun



all rights reserved


Danny Hasbun Anaheim, California

Hey there, I'm an indie-folk artist from Orange County. This is my music as a solo artist. I try to write honest, contemplative lyrics about stuff I see and feel. Enjoy!

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Track Name: These Strangers I Call Friends
I didn't know that you would be so lame
I never would have come here to this place
And now we're just sitting, groping ourselves and hoping it looks pretty
But no one ever turns their face

I'm hoping that you'd be so kind
to open something other than your mind
I know it sounds trite and overwrought, but if we give it a shot
Who knows? It might just pay off

I have a feeling that it's time to go,
but which direction's the rub
and I'm not driven by love
but save your prayer, and all the things you might do later
'cause they don't mean a thing

You're looking down,
looks like the pavement's more attractive than a face
you know and hate.
Track Name: Loser
Am I a person? Don't know
Call me Ishmael; Abram's other son that went to hell.
I thought it'd be nice to get away from what I know-
far too little to say I've grown.

Was it all worth it? Don't know
I walked two thousand miles just for them to tell me I'm a child.
I thought I knew exactly what I was doing.
And now I face my ruined schemes.
I haven't had a dream in weeks.

This is what it's like to be a total loser.
I think everybody thinks that I'm a loser.
Now everybody thinks that I'm a total loser.
This is how it feels to be a total loser.